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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

Some pipctures :-D

Dag and aunt Karen walking doggies during Xmas in Norway...

It was so cold in Sweden, the dogs took over our bed in hotel without a qualm. It was very uncomfortable   night for all of us I think :-D.

 Some new yarn in my shop now, here merino/bamboo...

Casmere/merino 3ply

 Another cashmere/merino blend also 3ply. Shockingly fine spun as I realized after counting the metres of it :-O!

 Some more merino/bamboo...

 ...and spinning now angora/silk

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Last weekend trip

We spend last weekend near National Eifel Park here in Germany. We left home on Friday with puppies of course and after booking last minute self-cattering apartment in Hotel Zum Walde we were ready.
The apartment itself was excellent. Perhaps with older equipment, but very clean and with everything functional and what is most important, we were allowed to bring with us our puppies!

We had lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant, lovely walk with puppies and went sleep quite early as we had plans for Saturday.
On Sturday (minus the morning walks etc.) we set off for lunch with our friend Blanka and her OH Petr.
We were lucky to be allowed to transport Blanka´s second greyhound girl for her on our return from UK holiday this year and were really looking forward to see the sweet girl again. After seeing all pictures in camera, I found 4 pics from different places with her like this:

 She sure loves camera!
The girls seem to be spending a lot of time on pavement dozing even though they have plenty of soft and cozy places to sleep on instead :-O. Nearer to camera is Rhyna, Melody is the girl who shared car seat with Fenix few weeks back ;-)
 Chekhov and Fenix as always preffered own beds in garden.
 After lovely lunch we set off for walk with puppies. Note the little grey plushie in front of group. That is Stacy and we had some trouble explaining to Fenix she is not to be chased. And that is a hound without any race training!
 After the walk, dogs had nice run off leash, except by the time Dag finally got camera about, they were all so tired, they just stood and dozed about :-D.
 We did stay at Blanka´s and Petr´s for quite a while and only stopped by shop to get some dinner as we just didn´t feel like going out again on our return to apartment.

The following day- Sunday- we checked out and went to Eifel National Park. It was perfect.
 As the day progressed it was getting hotter and hotter, so we had to cut our walk shorter due to puppies getting really hot and uncomfy. It would be great though to return and get onto one of the other tracks which are more of those in regular park, being wide and very well kept. We have met some dogs of course and Fenix and Chekhov slept more or less till Tuesday with short breaks for food and toilet after our return.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

yarn, yarn, yarn....

Some of handspun from last few weeks. one can not help and love Le Tour- finally an excuse to spin and spin and spin ;-)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I love custom orders

I have been spinning like mad last few months, not for my shop as much, although it was for my shop really as well since the custom orders do go through my Etsy store.
Here are some pictures

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fluff fluff everywhere

7,5kg of fibre.
dyed during last weekend, now it is all dry and sorted.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Oh happy day!

There are days when even postman is welcome! Now, if you are dog owner, you are thinking we got box full of treats. Sadly, not that happy day. This is the happy day when fibre comes. So, if you are one of my Longnosed Yarn followers and fan of fluff, you can understand my exitement.
Yes, all those favourites are there. Baby camel, angora, alpaca... and cashmere blends. Mongolian cashmere is somewhere on the way as well! I do have a hill of fluff and will spend weekend dyeing! So, keep an eye out for pics of colourfull fibre some time next week! 6kg of fibre! I can swim in it! Especially if I add the 8,5 kg of Shetland which arrived all the way from Moon last week (well, it did feel like it since there was some madness on post offices before Xmas when I originally ordered it).
So thanks to Jamieson & Smith for their patience with my endless emails asking if they got it back yet or if they know where has it gone. They have been most helpfull and calm about one fibreholic from Germany.